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Printmakers of Fine Art True B&W Photographs & Giclee Prints From Negatives Or Digital Files


At time of processing only. Strongly recommended for the photographer who wants a quick, high-quality proof to sell or show their customer. This popular category saves you both time and money. Each negative is individually analyzed and corrected for contrast and density. Quality Proof prints are borderless on pearl paper. This service available for B&W or Color film from 35mm, 645, 6×6, and 6×7 format negatives.

Ask for Full Frame Black Border! Available at Quality Proof prices are these full frame prints with black borders. Besides looking cool, you can view your full image to decide on that critical crop for a later Custom print. We offer this service in all standard sizes as well as a special 4”x 5” print size from 35mm. This image is approximately 2¾” x 4” and was designed to fit in albums with 4”x 5” opening. Samples available.

QUANTITY 3½x5 4×5 4×6 5×5 5×7 8×10
1st Set, Each Print 1.30 1.40 1.40 1.75 2.25 6.75
2nd Set, Each Print .85 .95 .95 1.30 1.50 4.50

Normal Turnaround Time: One working day.
Rush service available.
Scanning Services Available: Have your rolls scanned to CD for web viewing or archiving purposes. See Scanning services for details.


Unprocessed rolls of film may receive Digital Quality Proofing service. Scan prices include a CD. Multiple rolls may be saved onto one CD/DVD. Print prices are accessed per print as stated above.



35mm 24 Exp 5.50 12.50
35mm 36 Exp 5.50 15.75
120 5.50 15.75
220 9.50 25.00
Additional scan sizes or Raw, uncorrected scans available upon request. Contact us for a quote.

* PREVIEW SCANS are suitable for web viewing only
* PROOF SCANS may be printed up to 5×7


Dalmatian ships UPS Ground unless otherwise requested. The shipping price for an order is based on the largest print requested. Shipping prices are subject to change without notice.

SIZE 3½x5 4×5 4×6 5×5 5×7 8×10
UPS Ground add 11.00 11.00 11.00 11.00 11.00 11.00

“The Littlest Dalmatian”

Pam Crist
Owner, Dalmatian B&W Custom Lab
Greensboro, NC

Dalmatian Black & White Custom Lab, The Final Word in Black & White.